Lighthouse, Aston – Book cherub braids if you can!

If anyone following cherub braids gets the opportunity to host their exhibition please do. I work at The Lighthouse in Aston, Birmingham and we were privileged to host the braiding exhibition for a week. It was interesting seeing the early images of braiding and also a shame that we see less people with natural hair. My young people enjoyed the exhibition, but most of all they loved plaiting the hair of the dummies that came as part of the exhibition. I was shocked that so many girls knew how to braid! Thanks again cherub braids I hope we get the opportunity to work together again in the future.

cherub braids – FREE summer braiding school

cherub braids are offering a 5 day braiding school for young people aged  11 – 18 years, who have an interest in hair braiding. There will be a range of activities each day which will include;- hair care tips, practical demonstrations, opportunities to braid on mannequins and lots more. The braiding school will take place at The African Caribbean Centre, Maidstone Road, Leicester. The braiding school will take place on:- Thursday 1st & Friday 2nd August, Monday 5th & Tuesday 6th August & Tuesday 13th August, 12.30- 4.30p.m. each day.

Thanks cherub braids!

A NOTE FROM THE CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF CHERUB BRAIDS I received an text from a young women that participated in our first project ‘Keeping the Art of Braiding Alive’ she wrote the following ” Hey, I hope your well. I just wanted to say thankyou, for the hours and effort you put into cherub braids! On Saturday Night I was sitting braiding my hair and I remembered that it was because of your classes i’m able to do it so well! I don’t think I ever thanked you properly. So i’m taking the time to do it now!!! Thankyou!!” That’s why cherub was created to Keep the art of braiding Alive. It brought a BIG SMILE to my face.