2018 is over

Once again we have had a busy 2018 mainly attending events and festivals. New for 2018 was Quorn May Day, Foxton Locks, Stainsby Festival and Hallatonfest.

I introduced my new display for my transitional hair designed by cherub braids and made by Wooden Dreams.

New Display for 2018

Summer 2017

Wow, 2017 has been a very busy summer with some new events attended. They have included Binley Woods, Dovefest, Shepshed Festival and Hathern Festival. cherub braids was well received and we look forward to attending next year. We have added GLITTER to our list of things that we offer along with our growing range of colours.
It will soon be time to pack the gazebo away until summer 2018. In the mean time feel free to contact us for indoor events, children’s parties or teaching sessions.


It’s that time of the year when cherub braids is out and about braiding for the summer events that are taking place for 2016. Bookings so far include…. Tesco Community Fun weekend (Wigston) 25th & 26th June…. Western Park Sat 9th July….FTM Fun Day (Westcotes School) Sun 10th July…..Barefoot Festival 29th – 31st July….Market Harborough Fun Day Sun 14th August…. Supersonic Boon Wed 17th August…. Knighton Park Family Fun Day Sun 4th September. PHEW that’s a lot of events and a lot of braiding.
Looking forward to seeing all the children, young people and mums and dads that I normally see on my travels and hope to meet some new ones.
See you soon

Teaching the Art of Hair Braiding

In March I was contacted by a mum who wanted to learn how to braid her daughters hair. A series of sessions were designed for her. At the end of the teaching she forwarded me the following:-

“I wasn’t lucky enough to have someone in the family to show me how to plait and until I had my daughter I didn’t really have a reason to learn. I not only wanted the skill to be able to keep her hair tidy but began to feel that the tradition of hair braiding on natural hair is an important part of our heritage that I wanted my daughter to be proud of. Leona really believes in keeping this tradition alive and is passionate about natural hair and that’s what makes the difference with her tuition. She is patient and encouraging and because of this I’ve learnt and improved rapidly. I’m so glad I found Cherub Braids – a big thank you for all your help”