Why a braiding service just for children

cherub braids was conceived primarily to offer a braiding service to individuals and organisations who may want regular maintenance of their child’s hair in the form of braiding, a one off service, which may be for a wedding or even as part of a party, or to learn basic skills in braiding. For many parents / carers they recognise the importance of maintaining their child’s hair, but in some cases either have little idea what this entails, or simply do not have the time.

Historically hair braiding has been taught and passed down to younger members of the family, particularly in African heritage families. Braiding has not only been used as a hair adornment but also for maintenance, particularly of children’s hair. cherub braids recognises that unlike in past years it cannot be taken for granted that a family member or friend will have the skill, expertise or time, to undertake the task of teaching or braiding family members / friends children’s hair.

It is this skill, time and expertise that cherub braids will offer to its clients; through it’s braiding services. We believe that braiding is an art form and our aim is to keep this art form alive.

Who are we

cherub braids is a mobile hair braiding service based in Leicester dedicated to providing high quality braiding services, exclusively for children and young people.  Although the business is based in Leicester we have clients throughout the Midlands (Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby). Our goal is to provide a range of services, which we believe encapsulates our commitment to preserving the art form of braiding. Services range from providing up to date braided styles for our clients, to offering training opportunities for parents / carers and young people, to explore the art form of braiding. We believe that each client / group should have a memorable experience with cherub braids, whether it be, recieving a braided style that not only looks good, but makes them feel good, to learning a braided technique that makes hair easier to manage.The majority of our services are provided in the comfort and safety of your own home or establishment.Facilitators and braiders are all DBS checked.